Friday, December 02, 2011


Maybe you are right
i'm selfish at this situation
i know i can't give you anything you want
i hope you can move on
but when i know you are on the way to move on
my heart hurts
i feel the jealousy and unwillingly to see somebody gonna own you
i know it's time to put a full stop
but i feel very heavy to do so
really very heavy to do so
this is because im still missing you much

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Back!

Wow!! so long never step in here jor...
so many to updates...but im gonna cut short..
let's see how short...hmmmmm
so far i'm so good and happy =)

The latest update gonna be my internship =)
Internship in Intrenasionale, and event company
Is a fun company, enjoy my days here
and im happy to be here =)

That's it for now =)

Friday, December 10, 2010

- The journey continue -

All the while he's waiting me for the move
and glad, i did it. why not?!?
just follow your heart and do it =)
and now, our journey continue again...
can i said this is one of the obstacle we are facing??
thank God, we tried to overcome and things settled.
the 2nd chapter of our story gonna be like how?
seriously, i dont know but will always excited for it

There's so much changes in the beginning of the chapter
and i know, i need to coop with it
i need to get use to it all over again
but obviously during the process, there's something that hard to avoid
guess what??!!?
think too much lorr
it's the natural feelings that ones will have
it's really tough, hmmmm
work hard gal...

lift it up is easy, but put it down, it's harder than u think

Monday, December 06, 2010

- What I've learn -

I learn do not hold grudges
I learn to say sorry which the biggest weakness of me
I learn to share and express feelings
I learn to close one eye
I learn to watch The Big Bang Theory
I learn to love movies
I learn not to prejudice
I learn to play better in pool
I learn to play snooker
I learn not to make assumptions
I learn not to have expectations
I learn more on football
I learn to play with cool sometimes
I learn more on what is Christian
I learn to experienced ghost hunting
I learn how to drive to Pulau Tikus
I learn to play Uno spin
I learn to expose to nice songs
I learn to eat malays food
I learn to eat Penang best char koay kak
I learn to celebrate anniversary without expensive presents, or much money and yet very happy
I learn how to look on the bright side
I learn to read KennySia's blog
I learn what is floorball

Sunday, December 05, 2010

- Officially Single -

Yeap! I'm officially single now
the feeling is bad, or i can say is worst
the worst break up ever
this few days pictures, words and memory keep flashed back
trying hard to put that away
and i know all my friends will support me
people ask me 'how are you'
and i keep on answer 'i'm fine, i'm ok'
but how many times i really meant it?
there's no more anger, no more hatred in me
what just left is heartbroken, and sad
if i say im not sad, no one will believe also le
that's impossible cause im a human too
i know it shouldnt like this
but i just cant help myself
Now, everything is a past tense
and i need to get through this and move on
i need strength so much
and obviously i need time!
everything shall be fine =)
carmen owh carmen
you need to stay strong
dont make people around u worry

p/s: thank God my parents havent acknowledge it, how can i present this person to my parents...wise me

Sunday, October 31, 2010


in this new short sem
we are giving a task as a part of our assignment
we had chose 'Double Vision' to re-create it
it's a very nice experience to make a parody =)
below it the video...funny XD

Saturday, October 30, 2010

- 改变 -

对吧?顺其既然咯 =)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

- I Got You -

once again im into Leona Lewis after her Bleeding Love
and this time is I Got You
it's nice, it's meaningful and i heart it

- sem break -

i'm back to my bloggie again.. long didnt update
as usual after finals i had my 3 weeks sem break
3 weeks man!!! AWESOME
but time flies....
basically during the holidays i eat, sleep, shit, and the process go on...
then night added hangouts...
cool? not at all....damn boring but fun!! wheees *dunno what im saying*
spent a lot of times with lovely friends to catch up what i missed
and not forgetting the quality time with my lovable and adorable daddy and mummy *heart*
i like to be home, cause i can feel bunch of loves
everyone is like so sayang and pamper me
*look at those pics, that's how i past my holidays*

anyhow, the sem break have to end
it's so cruel...utar wont let u totally enjoy your holidays
during ur holidays, they want u to check your result!! screw utar!
luckily it's not that bad....still managed to get a satisfied result...=)

Finally, a new sem is starting soon and i need to get back to my 'nest' =(
sad, real damn reluctant to back kampar....
i packed my stuff at the very last minutes....seriously....
and it's time to say bye to BM...

Friday, September 10, 2010

*happy* ^^

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

- another 'hate u' day -

getting more days to hate u
keep going keep going!
counting d days now
25th sept fast fast come!!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

- pointless -

what is this?
u thought u come back dinner with me
after dinner ask me play pool
then can d?
u thought u doing ur duty is it?
i said no because i got no mood
all spoilt by u
i know after that u going out again
so why wanna spend me some time then leave me alone again?
i rather dont want!!!
hate u!!
i know if u saw this u will say
got so many to say can tell u
no need to write in blog
i like la!!!
lazy to talk to u
and feel pointless talking to u!!!!

- i wont stop, i wont care -

what im really thinking now is i wish my exam finish fast
and i can back to my hometown tomorrow now...
how eagerly i want it to happen
at least back hometown i can laugh mine and u still can laugh urs
u do your own things, and i do mine
but now im trapped with all this i dont like!!!

at least at hometown :-
when u are having fun with ur friends, i can meet my friends
when u are sleeping, i have tv to watch
when u are not beside me, i can chat with my parents
when u hangout, i'm also out with my friends

Kampar time :-
when u are having fun with ur friends, i do facebook
when u are sleeping, i awake
when u are awake, i sleeping
when u are not beside me, my mind blank!! *thinking what to do*
what else i can do? never know that my life in Kampar is so bored!

Just ask urself, when have u really chat with me, talk with me, or laugh with me???
ur chat, ur talk, and ur laugh all i can see is when u are with ur friends
i know i can join, but sometimes i choose not to
i want you to accompany me, not you watch ur movie till u fall asleep
i do my things till ur fall asleep
ask u to accompany me, u ask me back, 'what you want to do?'
i know u got nothing to do with me...didnt know u are so bored with me
recently, u slept in the morning
u sleep, i wake up, until u wake up, it's time for ur futsal
after ur futsal, it's time to dinner with friends
after dinner, u sleep again
when u wake up, yamcha with friends or whatever
if got activity till morning again..when u back, im sleeping
and so on...

Last night was thinking
i really shouldnt stop u, so i wont stop u anymore
i stop u, u wont be happy, sleeping, and watch movie
so no difference if you are beside me or not
i really bad again
it's also my joy when seeing u having ur joy with ur friends
but it's my sadness when i know i cant see this when u with me
just go ahead with what u like, i wont care too
just like the smoking issue, go ahead, i wont ask, i wont care
i dont want become a disturbance for your joy
because i hate it

i'm upset
no one knows

Monday, August 30, 2010

- Fun time in hometown -

So fast my own holidays had reached an end!
My own holidays was awesomeeee!
I met alot peoples this time i back *happy*
I attended a casual reunion and i met all my secondary friends
Wow...big changes everyone...and ofcourse become more pretty
We gather at Gurney, and end up we had our dinner together at Manhattan Fishmarket after dinner we went Faces to chat....*happy* all the ladies!!!

Plan to give my mum to use my phone then i temporary use Kenny's old phone
but my dad dont allow me to do so cause she said my mum will always flood her phone
no point she use a good phone LOL

pity my mum...

her first phone drop somewhere then hilang jor

then this 2nd phone she keep putting in her pocket then go wash...LOL

Then daddy mummy bring me go to see our new house
quite nice but havent start renovation..

dunno when only i can move there

everyone keep tease me that after i move there,
then i need to move again liao
u know why? cause will married then move again lorr...=.="""
but i like my new house design...hehehee...

sooo looking forward to it wheeees =)

owh and another thing is my dad is so cute
he bought 100plus, he tell my mum that he know i'm coming back that's why he buy
cause he know i want to drink 100plus *so sweet*
but hor...he buy d he put somewhere in kitchen without inform me
how i know there is 100plus leh? i think he wanna drink himself le!! LOL
cute daddy

And now i'm lack of shoe!!!
i need to shop for shoesssss just bought one nice sandals, and now i need a cover shoe and heelsssss

That's all

tomorrow going back to kampar
and have to study d
cause finals coming

carmen, dont lazy!! LOL

Thursday, August 05, 2010

- Coming to an END -

owh Lord~~~
i'm so tired and so busy
of what???!!?
assignments larrr, presentations larrrrr, photoshop larrrrr
after all this, final pulak $%^&*()$#!
anyhow, i'm glad that my assignments are coming to an end
yeah~~now week 10 and i left 1,2,3 and 4!!
4 more to go
that day was counting and i was shocked that i had 11 assignments this sem! 11 which i need to hand up when the due date is here...
and now, im craving so much so much for a break!
therefore, im going back this end of month for about one week! wheeeesss
cant wait for that...
seems like so many things to do when im back there...haaaas
just wait for me, i will be home soon =)